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Avenue Gas Closed Fireplace by Metalfire

Avenue plus

The Avenue plus represents the latest generation of closed gas-fired fireplaces. Although the output is lower than the Avenue series, the Avenue plus achieves the highest efficiency in the Metalfire range, 90%. Once again, the key words are comfort and ease of use, accompanied by a breath-taking play of flames and unprecedented sensations.


Avenue plus close gas-fired fireplace


1. fresh air supply via concentric flue system
2. supply of ambient air/convection air
3. flue gas discharge
4. emission of heated convection air/recovered heat


A. burner with dual burner function
B. combustion chamber with Standard finish (flat steel plate), additionally available in Ceramic, Design (asymmetric steel slats) Original, Round or Triangle (vertically ribbed cast iron slats)
C. flue gas baffle plate in stainless steel for greater efficiency
D. glass plate without frame (optional PREMIUM non-reflective glass)
E. fitted as standard with convection chamber for better circulation of ambient air
F. optional finishing frame in 10mm solid steel
G. adjustable feet operated via the inside of the fireplace for easy and perfect adjustment

RF remote control

The fireplace can be turned on or off using the RF remote control. 
The RF remote control makes it possible to set the flame height and temperature manually, or to use a self programmable timer. It is also possible to activate the Ecowave feature. The remote control must be at room temperature to work properly. 

Dual burner 

A delightful fire at 50% power

A completely new burner system has been developed for the Avenue collection. As well as the ECOWAVE feature, the burner system has been designed with 2 burners. For a cosy atmosphere the inner burner (so just one burner) provides a limited but realistic imitation wood fire, using around 50% of the power of the burner system. Ideal if you want an attractive fire but less heating. Use of both the interior and exterior burners simultaneously uses maximum power, resulting in maximum heating!

Ecowave feature

Up to 40% savings on gas consumption

In ECOWAVE mode, the flame height alternates automatically between the highest and lowest settings. This creates a dynamic fire (and very realistic imitation of a wood fire in combination with the ceramic logs) and delivers a 40%saving in gas consumption compared with use of the highest setting. Dynamic, aesthetic and and economical all at once!


Natural gas | Propane | Biopropane

All Metalfire gas fires can be connected to natural gas. In cases where natural gas is not or will no longer be available, propane or biopropane gas are excellent alternatives.



Framed in a European project, the AVENUE+ and AVENUE collection was tested on the natural gas of the future, a mixture with hydrogen (H2). The new hydrogen-natural gas blend can contain up to 40% hydrogen (40%H2+60%CH4). WITHOUT modifications to the burner, the AVENUE+ and AVENUE collection can burn without any problems, which means our fireplaces already are future-proof.


Avenue appliances with a 60 and 75 cm fireplace opening

Fitted as standard with Smoke Style ceramic wood logs (see finishes).
NOT available with pebbles or woodchips.

Door system

Simple and subtle

For an optimal view of the fire and the sleekest design without any visible frame or screening, all the fireplaces in the AVENUE collection are fitted with a glass plate that can be removed using the suction cups provided. No further tools are needed. One simple movement frees the glass, which can then be removed without difficulty. Easy to use, and quick to install and to maintain! Optionally available with PREMIUM anti-reflective glass.

Positioning the fireplace 

The fireplace is fitted with four adjustable feet
These feet can be adjusted in height both internally and along the outer side of the fireplace. If the highest foot position is insufficient, a supporting construction on which the fireplace can be placed must be installed. This must be stable and strong enough to bear the weight of the fireplace.

You can recognise our craftsmanship by the calligraphy logo on the glass.



  • MF 700-60 GHE 1S
    Output 5,8 kW
    Efficiency 90%
    Ecolabel G20 A
    Ecolabel G30 B
    Technical Data
  • MF 800-40 GHE 1S
    Output 5,5 kW
    Efficiency 90%
    Ecolabel G20 A
    Ecolabel G30 B
    Technical Data


  • MF 700-60 GHE 2s L/R
    Output 5,8 kW
    Efficiency 90%
    Ecolabel G20 A
    Ecolabel G30 B
    Technical Data
  • MF 800-40 GHE 2S L/R
    Output 5,5 kW
    Efficiency 90%
    Ecolabel G20 A
    Ecolabel G30 B
    Technical Data


  • MF 700-60 GHE 3S
    Output 5,8 kW
    Efficiency 90%
    Ecolabel G20 A
    Ecolabel G30 B
    Technical Data
  • MF 800-40 GHE 3S
    Output 5,5 kW
    Efficiency 90%
    Ecolabel G20 A
    Ecolabel G30 B
    Technical Data

Interior finishing

Original | Triangle | Round | Design |Standard

Like the 'Original' vertical cast-iron slats, the new finishes of the Triangle and Round versions exude minimalism. While these innovative additions stay true to Metalfire's love of clean and simple design, they also add a certain dynamism to our range. The Triangle cast-iron slats represent a more angular approach to the inside of the fireplace, while the Round cast-iron slats - based on a design by belgian architect Benoit Viaene - are characterised by gentle curves. The common denominator is the elegant rhythm in both surfaces, which creates an interesting dialogue with the warm light of the fire. The sleek and refined finish of the Original, Triangle and Round versions fits perfectly into any interior (in any fireplace) and is also a real eye-catcher, whether the fire is burning or not. Besides, we also offer a flat and asymmetrical finish namely Standard and Design.


Concrete look

This new interior finish, several panels together create a beautiful concrete look for a trendy and timeless effect. Thanks to its enormous heat resistance, it is ideal as interior cladding for fireplaces.

Finishing colours

Black | Terracotta | Maple gold

The standard black finish already gives every fireplace a stylish, timeless allure, but now Metalfire is announcing two new colours in its cast iron finish collection. 'Terracotta' and 'Maple Gold' breathe new life into the range and allow our customers to further tailor their premium fireplace to their personal style. The new colours are available for both open and closed gas fires. Also available for finishing frames and customised concepts.

Burner finish

SMOKE Style ceramic wood logs

Appliances with a 60 and 75 cm fireplace opening: Fitted as standard with Smoke Style ceramic wood logs. These appliances are NOT available with pebbles or woodchips.


Belgian craftsmanship is Metalfire's credo. Every day, the vision of extraordinarily unique fireplaces is put into practice by the expert hands of skilled craftsmen. It creates a unique appeal that by automated production processes simply cannot be imitated.

Metalfire's no limits attitude allows ample possibilities in customization, finishing frames, fireplace concepts, wood storages and extensions. Customization supports the creative vision of the architect or interior designer, all within the imposed standards.

You want it, we create it. Metalfire's motivation to blend into the architecture and the interior of the home as a whole, is what sets us apart from the masses.

Finishing frames (thickness 10 mm) and concepts are available in all our standard finishing colours. For technical support please contact