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A 100% Belgian company

Our company is firmly rooted in the Belgian soil, and treasures values such as integrity, accountability and trust. It also stands for no-nonsense entrepreneurship. Metalfire has its own machinery with which our fireplaces can be 100% manufactured in our own workshop in Evergem. With an ever-burning passion for beauty that leads us to build innovative fireplaces that have an unmistakable air of grandeur. It’s thanks to this dedication that Metalfire fireplaces are now distributed and enjoyed all over the world. The Metalfire development program keeps our global distributors informed, and we enable them to offer the best service possible.



You can’t measure the heat of our architectural fireplaces in degrees. Through design, craftsmanship and passion, our creations radiate warmth and ambiance. With our professional management team and the growing number of international distributors, we aim to bring people together across the world, sparking conversations far into the future.

Metalfire’s architectural fireplaces bring the warmth and aesthetic qualities of fire to living rooms. They enhance the beauty of their surroundings in a natural way.



Metalfire is taking control of its future. With a solid long-term plan, we aim to foster exclusive partnerships, innovation and the well-being of our people. Our professional management team also guarantees our enduring continuity and success, founded on three major pillars.

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Architectural fireplaces are a niche product, but niches can be large when they are seen on a global scale. We want to leverage our skill, experience and unique approach to achieve long-term annual growth, and ultimately to become the uncontested market leader in the global niche of architectural fireplaces. Our growing network of exclusive distributors will open the door to international expansion.

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Strong portfolio

A company is only as strong as its products. Metalfire is dedicated to developing a strong product line of architectural fireplaces, each with its own characteristic attraction. We want to continue to innovate in our products, manufacturing fireplaces that are increasingly unique and attractive, but also more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Continuous improvement and innovation must optimise the efficiency of production processes. Of course, we will always stay close to our roots in craftsmanship, so that our fireplaces retain their characteristic handcrafted look.


2003 Founding of Metalfire


2017 Acquisition of Metalfire by the Bremhove holding (Joris Ide family)
Acquisition of new machinery for 100% internal production.

2018 Ultime D 2-SIDED and 3-SIDED 2019 Avenue TUNNEL and ROOM DIVIDER


2020 Renewal WEBSITE - Avenue BRICK 2021 Collective System for Gas Fireplaces CSG 2022 Interior finishing TRIANGLE and ROUND

2023 Finish colour TERRACOTTA and MAPLE GOLD - Interior finish CERAMIC - Ultime D TUNNEL, BBQ and BRICK - FIRE POKER

A network of partners

Metalfire is a member of a number of business networks. These high-profile organisations can spur us on to new heights.


Global distribution network

With more than 100 distributers worldwide and 1000 fireplaces produced every year, we are doing our best to maintain and strengthen our market position.



Respect for planet, people and profit

We are especially grateful to our resources, both in terms of raw materials and the environment and people. After all it’s these resources that make our growing success possible. That’s why we link our economic goals closely with our daily care for the environment, staff and society.

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As a business, Metalfire has a firm commitment to people and the community. We make great efforts to create a comfortable and welcoming working environment, not just by providing extensive leisure facilities but also with prompt support. Every year, we hold a large event to bring our people and the community together.

We are not only concerned about our partners, but put just as much energy into sustaining a meaningful relationship with our staff, supporting them comprehensively with materials and training.

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Metalfire appreciates that our planet is one of our most valuable, but also one of our most vulnerable, resources. We aim to minimise our environmental footprint along the entire value chain, both with smaller measures such as solar panels and smart lighting, and with genuinely ground-breaking innovations in our production processes and products.
Additionally, we ensure the sustainable sourcing of our raw materials and their respective supply chains. Our focus is on a stable supply of high-quality raw materials in the long-term, and we try as much as possible to ensure the greatest possible transparency and oversight of environmental and social impacts.

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It would not be possible to care for people and the environment without safeguarding our own financial continuity. Metalfire’s management aims to rely on our unique position, passion and in-house experience to achieve sustainable global growth, ultimately becoming the uncontested market leader in the architectural fireplace niche.



A unique appeal

Craftsmanship is the fundamental value for Metalfire. Every day our vision of exceptional, unique fireplaces is translated into reality under the skilled hands of our craftsmen. Every frame thus reflects the personal characteristics of the people who created it. This ensures a unique appeal which simply can’t be imitated by automated production processes.


Research and development

Innovation for now, for nature and for the future

Metalfire’s headquarters employs a team working around the clock on meaningful and sometimes daring innovations. The team consists of our most visionary and creative people, and people with business knowledge. That’s reflected in our commitment to assuming a leading role in the continued development of the market. Our ambitions come under three headings.

The future

What does the fireplace of the future look like? What will it use as fuel? How will people interact with it? Our innovation team works tirelessly to answer these questions. There’s only one rule: the more radical and unexpected, the better.


Innovation is not restricted to the distant future alone. Our team keeps a close eye on current and emerging trends, responding with smaller but still meaningful innovations that add value to our products right away.


As a worldwide supplier of fireplaces, Metalfire feels a particular responsibility for the environment. This is why we devote much of our R&D effort to making both our fireplaces and their production processes more efficient and more environmentally friendly.



Trust in beauty

Without the passionate men and women in our design offices and workshops, Metalfire would not be what it is today. Discover what inspires our people to continue to produce outstanding fireplaces, how we support them, and how we form a close team together.

Technical support for architects and interior designers

All the plans for Metalfire’s fireplaces can be downloaded in PDF, DWG, STEP (3D) and BIM formats from our download portal. Our dedicated engineers are available to discuss your project in detail and to provide you with a technical summary for your specific requirements. After your order, Metalfire offers a detailed 2D and 3D production plan that you can inspect and approve. Send us your first design drawings to receive information and guidance. Subsequently, the end product can be ordered through the Metalfire distribution network.

Metalfire Academy

Excellence is an absolute requirement throughout our value chain. So a comprehensive training programme is vital. The Metalfire Academy gives staff in all kinds of roles the professional support and personal guidance they need to perform and to feel their very best.

The Metalfire Academy is also there for Metalfire’s exclusive partners. They are given the training and support to offer our end customers the best service.



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What we can offer


Independence — Metalfire is a place for entrepreneurs – in every part of the organisation. We support and nurture people who take the initiative.

Individual training — We help our staff to grow their careers, providing regular feedback with a clear development plan.

Work-life balance — We want you to find the ideal balance between work and family life. Flexible working hours are just one of the means we offer.

A fantastic place to work — We work hard, but we also know how to relax.